We do a very thorough intake with youth who are referred, as well as with their parents. Once youth are accepted to a program, the program coordinator takes the youth on a minimum of one outing per month. This helps the program coordinator get to know these youth and their families well, and to build a relationship of trust that creates a positive foundation for the eventual introduction of a mentor.

We also do a thorough intake with volunteers that include two full pages of questions regarding what type of youth they hope to mentor.

We take the information from both intake processes and carefully consider each youth's and volunteer's personalities, interests and preferences before moving ahead to a match. Volunteers are able to discuss in-depth the youth that we propose they be matched with before the match ever takes place.  This gives the volunteer a venue to address any questions or concerns they may have. Next the volunteer will meet with a case manager and the youth's parent to be sure that everyone is on the same page and wishes to move forward with a match.